A Wide Range of Products


Mesit executes complex Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), installation (EPCI) and Maintenance projects for commercial and government Clients in remote and challenging locations all around the world.


Whether Clients want to invest in oil and gas facilities, power plants to meet global demand, or refurbishment of aging infrastructure, they call on Mesit to deliver solutions to meet their capital-investment requirements.


We also product several Instrumentation Components for the Process Automation. Analogic and digital sensors for temperature, pressure, flow and level as:

- Thermocouples/Multipoints thermocouples for Reactors
- Flow elements and Venturi tube
- Flow nozzle and Flow meters
- Multistage Restriction Orifices
- Metering System

- Control network

- Level gauges and PC gauging system
- Heating system

- Instrumentation cables

- Signal cables

- Special application cables

- F&G Detection and fire extinguishing system
- Loading arms and depot management system
- Retrofit for Turbo gas for electrical power plant and compression stations

- Pumps systems

- Electrical equipments
- Tanks Boilers Silos and Heat Exchangers
- Pipelines Skid Manufacturing Outsourcings
- Measurement Process Control Valves
- SCADA Systems
- DCS Systems

Gas Turbine PLC based control system Mesit@1