A Wide Range of Products

We have engineered several customized instrumentation components for the process automation. Analogic and digital sensors for measure temperature, pressure, flow and level as: multipoint thermocouples, flow elements - Venturi tube, flow nozzle and flow meter, multistage restriction orifice, metering system - control network, level gauge and PC gauging systems. We also engineer and install instrumentation packages, signal, special application cables, heating reaching systems. Our fire fighting systems branch is ready to design  the best solution for detecting gas and fire extinguishing systems with a worldwide contraction skilled team. We have a wise experience in EPC of turbogas for electrical and compression stations. Electrical equipment, tanks boilers silos and heat exchangers, pipelines skids, measurement process control valves, SCADA and DCS Systems to complete our offer.


Mesit multipoint thermocouples


Our customized all type of thermocouples and thermoresistances cost effective, have fast response times, broad temperature ranges and can fit almost anywhere. We produce:

  • Insert Thermocouples (all types)
  • Insert Thermoresistances (all types)
  • Miniaturized Thermocouples
  • High Temperature Thermocouples
  • Cryogenic Temperature Thermocouples
Venturi tube 72

Flow elements

Differential pressure primary elements are part of our portfolio:

  • Venturi Tubes
  • Wedge Meters
  • Averaging Pitot Tubes
  • Orifice Plates (Square-edged, Conical-entry and Quarter Circle, Concentric, Eccentric and Segmental)
  • Orifice Carrier Ring Assemblies
  • Orifice Flange Assemblies
  • Compact Orifice
  • Flow Meters
  • Meter Runs
  • Flow Nozzles (ISA, Long Radius and ASME)

I&E pakages

The main purpose of Gas Treatment Packages is to filter, meter, heat and reduce the pressure, ensuring that clean and dry gas is delivered to the downstream user such as gas burners, gas-driven equipment (turbines, compressors), at the required pressure and temperature. Main packages for Gas Treatment are:

  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems
  • Gas Pressure Reducing Stations
  • Metering Systems (Orifice, Coriolis, Ultrasonic) and Analyzers

Key Features of Mesit systems are:

  • High flexibility on the inlet conditions
  • High efficiency of the systems
  • Low operating costs
Fire Fighting system Mesit

F&G Detection and fire extinguishing system

Fire and gas fighting systems are tools for safeguarding process plants and production facilities that handle flammable and toxic materials. We assist our clients in the design, implementation and testing of these systems our service. include assistance in all phases of the fire and gas system lifecycle based on our unparalleled expertise, process knowledge and overall risk analysis capabilities including:

  • Fire and Gas Protection Products and Systems
  • Flame and Gas Detectors
  • Control Cards and Panels
  • Safety Automation Products and Systems
  • Evacuation Management Products and Systems
  • Emergency and Process Shutdown Systems (ESD)
  • Instruments and Control Panels
  • Water based system
  • Gas based system
  • Foam and dry Chemical system
  • Equipment and skids
  • Pumping system
Mesit Gas turbine control system

Gas Turbine control system

The Mesit@1 PLC provides single plant control for your most valuable asset, enabling comprehensive, connected plant automation. It offers a common hardware and software platform and common configuration for both safety and control. In addition, maintenance, diagnostics, spare parts, logistics, alarms, databases, and training are required for just one system simplifying operations.