Solid and Gas Fueled, Nuclear and Power Services

Mesit designs, builds and maintains power plants using a variety of fuel sources, including gas, nuclear, oil and coal. Our technicians understand the complex compliance requirements for bringing new power plant construction on line and meeting clean-air mandates. Mesit execution excellence and proven expertise ensure that our Client’s projects are delivered on time and within budget. Mesit and his CCRI engineering staff have spent  their careers executing power plant engineering and power plant construction projects. Whether building a 1,230-megawatt  gas power project in the desert of Algeria or providing environmental compliance solutions to meet government regulations in a crowded city area in Italy, Mesit has the global reach and expertise to execute challenging and complex power projects.


Gas Fueled 

During the last decade alone we designed, constructed and commissioned many gas-fueled power generating plants around the world. We are the EPC and commissioning contractor for gas-fired generation.

Solid Fueled

By using proven pre-engineered references power plant designs and collaborative tools we can deliver solid fueled power plants system controls.


We have an extensive experience in nuclear industry assists Clients in developing all the control system of the next generation of nuclear power

Chyoda LNG Arzew Sonatrach’s Project (Algeria, 2014) Venturi Tubes and Orifices Plates for the single-train gas liquefaction plant (GL3Z), with a capacity of 4.7 million tonnes of LNG per annum.


Mesit provides operations, maintenance, power plant construction, capital improvements, environmental and particulate control retrofits, and transmission and distribution services to the power generating industry.