If You Need am Experienced Supply Chain Procurement Specialist You Need Us


Material procurement in oil and gas companies has been evolving as the industry responds to advancements in technology and the global economy. Oil and gas companies contract with suppliers sourced around the world, and this presents benefits for both the investor and the consumer. You need an experienced supply chain procurement specialist who understands regulatory issues, commodities and how the company operates to obtain the maximum benefit. Mesit's international procurement expertise and global supplier networks manages a huge spend in equipment, materials and services through strategic sourcing, material management, contract management, and logistics functions. While material procurement includes researching acceptable suppliers, requesting quotes, preparing and managing bid lists and awarding contracts, it is more involved. Material procurement also includes assessing risk and managing vendors to assure prompt delivery of product or service, receiving and inspecting deliveries and making any necessary adjustments for damaged materials. Our procurement personnel manage inventory through disposal, by sale or otherwise, of unneeded supplies as well as byproducts or other materials resulting from the course of operations.


Strategic Sourcing
Mesit optimizes product and service offerings to achieve your objectives by leveraging highly knowledgeable product directors assigned to specific categories of materials, equipment, and services.


Material Management
Our global team of material management can supports execution excellence by managing the quality and timely delivery of equipment from manufacturing facility to job site.


Mesit’s logistics team manages the transportation of material and equipment from fabrication facility to project site, meeting the needs of today’s globally sourced projects.


Export Compliance
Mesit’s export compliance organization promotes excellence in global project execution by maintaining current legal knowledge and advising procurement and logistics teams of applicable laws and regulations.


Global Market Knowledge
Our strategic view allows intelligent and timely recommendations based on long-term material demand, supply, and pricing trends.