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Mesit is an EPC O&M company that operates in Europe, Caspian, North Africa and Middle East. The success obtained is mainly due to our extremely flexible organization and production line. Optimized quality (with nuclear certification) and technological development is what we offer to the whole construction and process industry. With our strategic partner ETS we can give you the best manpower and field services in order to address your technical and organizational challenges powered with our GCC branch GVA Dubai and the local Kazakhstani ETS Mesit Caspian. We can also provide local content with Mesit Algeria our entire Algerian branch. Whether you want to invest in a new  facilities or refurbish the aging infrastructure, call us to deliver you the best solution to meet your capital-investment requirements. With a very specialized workforce deployed on projects worldwide and 24/7 project-execution capabilities, we have the expertise to deliver projects with the quality and safety, what you are expecting. 


Engineering and design

Engineering and Design

Mesit and his engineering partner CCRperform traditional and advanced engineering specialties and detailed design for various projects for their worldwide Clients including traditional disciplines, architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, piping, and structural engineering including simulation, integrated automation processes, and interactive 3D and 4D modeling. CCR stable manpower includes 250 highly skilled technicians, mainly PhDs and engineers. The basic engineering production capacity, based on the permanent personnel, is around 500.000 h/y. The turnover of the Companies of the Consortium is 15 MEU/y. 



Mesit’s global procurement organization promotes project cost controls and schedule certainty by managing the purchase and delivery of materials, equipment, and services for Clients worldwide.


We have engineered several customized instrumentation components for the process automation. Analogic and digital sensors for measure temperature, pressure, flow and level as: multipoint thermocouples, flow elements - Venturi tube, flow nozzle and flow meter, multistage restriction orifice, metering system - control network, level gauge and PC gauging systems. We also engineer and install instrumentation packages, signal, special application cables, heating reaching systems. Our fire fighting systems branch is ready to design  the best solution for detecting gas and fire extinguishing systems with a worldwide contraction skilled team. We have a wise experience in EPC of turbogas for electrical and compression stations. Electrical equipment, tanks boilers silos and heat exchangers, pipelines skids, measurement process control valves, SCADA and DCS Systems to complete our offer. 

Manpower, Technical assistance and Project Management

GVA Dubai is currently operating from 3 main regional Hub’s in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia: Central Region, Easter Region, Western Region. Each region has its own  centralized functions that include accommodation and transportation, along with more than  26 other divisions branched all over the Kingdom. We provide customized recruitment  services in: Bahrain, Libya, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi,  Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Dubai and Ras al-Khaimah). Our Mission Enabling and supporting businesses, families and workers in Saudi Arabia and  GCC by adapting ambitious standards and introducing innovative solutions which help to  achieve their goals with better efficiency and high quality.

Operation and Maintenance

Mesit provides operations and maintenance (O&M) services to domestic and international Clients in diverse industries; including oil and gas, manufacturing, power, utilities, metals and mining.

Support and Training

ETS Mesit Caspian designs ad hoc training to enhance the performance of the project KPI, and the main risk. Our training is mainly targeted to get the Project Team to work effectively together, and achieve high performance. We do specialize in multicultural teams and offer our training modules in the field, at project start-up and offer a Project Coach for the duration of the project.